Machining machinery used in the aeronautical sector for the production of metal parts

Machining machinery is an essential tool in the world of industrial manufacturing. They enable operations to be carried out with a precision and efficiency that are fundamental in sectors where quality and accuracy are critical. In this article, we will explore their role in the creation of critical aircraft components, the technologies that drive them, […]

Electrical discharge machining (EDM): How is it applied and what are its advantages in the aerospace industry?

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a revolutionary technique in the machining industry. It has become a mainstay in the aerospace industry, enabling the manufacture of components with a complexity and precision that was previously unattainable. At Precision Manufacturing Aerospace (PMA), we embrace this cutting-edge technology to transform and elevate aerospace production standards. In doing so, […]

5-axis machining centers used in the aerospace industry

Mori Seiki MNV 5000

5-axis machining centers represent a revolution in the manufacture of complex, high-precision components in the aerospace industry. Precision Manufacturing Aerospace (PMA) is a leader in this technology, ensuring exceptional results in the design and production of aerospace parts. In this article, we explain what this technology is all about. What are 5-axis machining centers? 5-axis […]

Types of machining processes in the manufacturing of aerospace parts

The aerospace industry is one of the most demanding sectors in terms of quality and precision. The parts that make up aircraft must meet stringent safety and performance requirements, so the machining process is critical to ensure that they meet expectations. In this article, we are going to talk about the different types of machining […]

Mori Seiki: the technology that is transforming aeronautical machining

;Mori Seiki - DMG MORI NVD5000

In the world of aerospace manufacturing, precision and innovation are essential. Precision Manufacturing Aerospace (PMA) is leading the field, using advanced technologies such as those provided by Mori Seiki. This article explores the importance of the Mori Seiki machining center and its role in machining high-quality aerospace parts. What is Mori Seiki? Mori Seiki, known […]

Chip removal machining: Key Aspects for the Manufacturing of High-Precision Parts

Deckel-Maho DMF-360

At the forefront of the aerospace industry, chip removal machining stands out as an essential technique for manufacturing high-precision components. In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into chip removal machining, exploring its types, advantages and applications, and how PMA (Precision Manufacturing Aerospace) is a leader in manufacturing high-precision aerospace parts through this technique. […]