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Mori Seiki: the technology that is transforming aeronautical machining

In the world of aerospace manufacturing, precision and innovation are essential. Precision Manufacturing Aerospace (PMA) is leading the field, using advanced technologies such as those provided by Mori Seiki.

This article explores the importance of the Mori Seiki machining center and its role in machining high-quality aerospace parts.

What is Mori Seiki?

Mori Seiki, known for its engineering excellence, is a leading brand in machining solutions. It offers advanced machinery, including Mori Seiki CNC lathes and machining centers, which are essential in the manufacture of precise aerospace components.

Types of Machinery

The Mori Seiki range of machinery includes several models of machining centers and CNC lathes. Each is designed to meet specific needs in the manufacture of aerospace parts.

Mori Seiki CNC lathes: offer exceptional precision for machining cylindrical parts, ideal for aerospace components requiring the highest accuracy.

Mori Seiki machining centers: designed for more complex and varied geometry parts, these machining centers are versatile and efficient, suitable for a wide range of manufacturing applications.


What are the uses of Mori Seiki machinery?

Uses for these machines include:

  • Manufacturing critical components: they are used to produce parts to tight tolerances, necessary to ensure aircraft safety and efficiency.
  • Working with a variety of materials: they are capable of machining everything from aluminum to complex alloys, which is essential to address the unique challenges of aerospace manufacturing.
  • High-precision production: these machines enable the production of components with complex geometries while maintaining consistent quality and precision.


Mori Seiki machinery at PMA

PMA uses a variety of Mori Seiki equipment to ensure the highest quality products. These include:

  • SV-50: a versatile machining center, ideal for complex parts with tight tolerances.
  • CV-500: known for its precision and reliability, this center is crucial for precision machining operations.
  • GV-503: excellent for machining large-volume parts while maintaining consistent accuracy.
  • NV-5000: a more advanced machining center, suitable for a wide range of aerospace manufacturing applications.

At PMA, we use these advanced machines to ensure that every part meets the highest quality and safety standards.  The combination of this technology and PMA’s expertise in part design, machining and processing puts us at the forefront of the aerospace industry.