PMA – Precision Manufacturing Aerospace participates in the General Assembly 2024 of Space-Aero Spain

On April 9 was held at the facilities of Airbus Defence and Space in Getafe, the General Assembly 2024 of the association Space-Aero Spain, to which PMA – Precision Manufacturing Aerospace belongs and which was represented by its CEO, Pedro Garayo.

This year, the meeting was held in the new space facilities, and after the meeting, the participants enjoyed a guided visit to the Airbus Space facilities, where different parts of the Ariane 6 structures are manufactured and assembled, as well as other load adapters for different rocket models.

Among the highlights of the day, it is worth mentioning the appointment of Guillermo Sagrario Rueda, HO Supply Management at Airbus Defence & Space, as the new president of the association, and Sergio Camps López, Director of Supply Chain at Aciturri, as secretary. It should be recalled that, following the complete acquisition of Alestis Aerospace by Aciturri, the board of directors of Space-Aero España is renewed with one less executive member.

In addition, the association took stock of the good training results and announced the incorporation of mutualized projects to Space-Aero España’s activity, “with which we seek to improve the industrial maturity of the Spanish supply chain in a more efficient and measurable way”, as explained by the association.

“From Space-Aero España we would like to thank all the members who were able to join us and the entire Airbus team that made the development of the day possible. We take this opportunity to say goodbye and thank Teresa Escolano Montejo and Manuel Santaolalla-Diaz, who leave their representation on the board after many years of dedication,” concluded the institution in a statement.